As-Built Surveys and 3D Models

Geosurv can produce As Built 3D models and 2D drawings.

3D models allow for quick turnaround of plans with models being generated directly from scan data produced on site. 3D models produce a lot more information than a typical 2D As Built drawings.

With a team of Surveyors and Engineers who have extensive knowledge of 3D Laser Scanning, Geosurv can deliver superior results to help you achieve your projects objectives. Geosurv can also produce an accurate 3D model which can speed up the decision making and design process.

Our dedicated 3D Modelling team will create a 3D solid model of the area using Point Cloud data generated by the 3D scan. The CAD model can be viewed and used in any CAD software program and is interpreted as solid entities.

With a large amount of data picked up during the scanning process, it eliminates the need for any further remodeling of the “as is” conditions, which in turn eliminates errors giving you confidence.

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As-Built 2D drawing

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