Residential Land Survey: Professional Surveying Services for Apartments


In Sydney, Canberra, Adelaide, Wollongong and other areas, residential land survey can help in proper planning of apartment buildings and other residential projects.

The role of construction surveyors is crucial in ensuring the success of the project and avoiding potential problems such as:

  • Legal disputes
  • Delays because a problem was suddenly revealed
  • Overspending because of the delays and legal disputes
  • Negative reputation of the building because of the problems above

That’s why it’s important to have a team of professionals to do the job.

Compliance with codes of practice and strict standards

Many projects follow a strict timeline. Internal and external stakeholders closely watch the start and the deadlines. This is the case in almost all projects including the construction of apartment buildings.

However, that doesn’t mean cutting corners and rushing through the project. Delays are often avoided if proper planning was conducted in the first place. For instance, the boundaries should be accurately determined. If there are errors discovered during the construction, expect delays and adjustments (these will be very costly).

There are also strict standards that need to be followed. If they are violated, there might be legal repercussions and the reputation of the builder might also suffer.

Prevent potential hazards

Residential projects are often surrounded by natural features. These features might cause hazards to people.

Another important consideration is about environmental concerns. The natural features around the site must stay intact to prevent disputes with the locality and the government. If there are errors in the determination of boundaries, the natural features might be disturbed during the construction.

Residential land survey in Australia

Those are only the few things project managers and owners consider. There are other considerations that are often in place before starting a project.

That’s why at Geosurv, we pay attention to detail and work with the technical specifications of each client. Our experienced team of registered surveyors prevent potential problems.

If you need residential land surveying services, you can contact us today or fill out a form to request for a quote.

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