Property Line Survey: FAQs from Engineers & Developers

Property Line Survey: FAQs from Engineers & Developers

A property line survey is important in determining the scope of a project. The information from the property survey will aid engineers and developers in accurate planning and avoiding legal disputes.

Because of its importance, project owners often ask questions for clarifications. Here are some of the basic enquiries they send to professional surveyors:

1. How much will a survey cost?

The cost varies depending on your project requirements, site features and additional services. There are different requirements due to size of the land and the purpose (e.g. for residential or civil works?).

The site features can also affect the cost. The topographic features and surface area of the site might require professional surveyors to spend more time for accurate reports. Your project plan might also require additional information. Surveyors and engineers might need a 3D model, flood risk assessment and other relevant data.

2. How long will the property survey take?

This relates to the first question above. Often, the duration of surveying affects the cost. In addition, the larger the area and the more complex the project, the more it’s needed for surveying.

Surveying companies which use modern tools and technologies can shorten that time requirement. For instance, 3D scanning can produce results up to three times faster compared to traditional surveying methods.

3. Aside from surveying, what are the other important aspects of a project?

Aside from the project site itself, considering the surrounding structures and topographical features are also important. Project owners also request for flood risk assessments to mitigate the possible effects.

For large scale roads and civil works, surveyors will use robotic and global navigation systems for acquiring accurate information. For other projects, other tools and information might be necessary depending on the scope and requirements.

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Those are just some of the questions developers and engineers ask related to surveying. If you have more questions that specifically relate to your project, contact us here at Geosurv.

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