1 Afred Street, Sydney

  • Contractor: Delta Group
  • Location: Circuilar Quay, Sydney
  • Services Provided:
  • 3D Scanning
  • BIM Modelling

1 Alfred Street, Sydney

Our client, Delta Group required survey accurate (Quality Level A) information on the location of the heritage listed Tank Stream, which runs adjacent to the project site. This was required for approvals from the relevant authorities for construction work. We were required to survey all utilities within 10m of the site boundaries of this high profile site at Circular Quay.

The significance of the Tank Stream dates back to the First Fleet settlement at Sydney Cove and has influenced the future shape of Sydney over two centuries. It is linked in the public mind with the period of first European settlement and retains value as an iconic representation of that period and is interpreted as a metaphor of the period of contact and early urban settlement in Australia. The accurate survey was a critical component of all Sydney Water approvals on the site.

A Point Cloud scan and 3D modelling of the Tank Stream was undertaken. This was then added to a full 3D BIM model of the undergound utilities of the project site. Specialised confined space entry was arranged prior to scanning the Tank Stream. The resulting survey and 3D BIM model was used by the project engineers to confidently design rock anchors.