Planning out a Site with Topographical and Volume Surveys

Most people have a good idea what a volume survey would accomplish. On a smaller scale, many people have experience planning out a site  in their backyard, building retaining walls, cutting out sites for gardens and the like. They have a good idea of the rough estimations needed to calculate how much soil needs to be filled in, and how much needs to be taken away. These calculations can be done on the back of a scrap of paper, and are hardly worth the thought.

That is certainly not the case with large scale industrial and commercial sites. Even many residential sites require an in-depth analysis of the site for future earthworks and the contractors who will work there. This is the territory of the volume survey. Sydney has a number of industrial sites across the city, and good planning is essential for all of them. Calling in a profession surveyor will help minimise the cost and the time needed to complete any sized project.

Volume Surveys Save Time and Money

Volume surveys are a calculation that evaluates the shape of the land and the construction layouts needed. The evaluation accounts for both parts of the sites that need to be filled in as well as other parts were excavations needs to occur. If a project manager can identify how much soil is needed to be excavated and hauled, they can better plan their work around the earthworks.

The same goes for in-fill sites. When accounting the land, a volume survey will take note of all the breaks and cross sections of the site. When soil is needed to build up a particular area, there’s nothing worse than not having enough soil to complete the job. This creates costly delays and unwanted frustration on site.

It’s better to have a good plan before any digs or earthworks take place. A surveyor can create a detailed rendering of the site that demonstrates with precision just how much soil is needed or in excess.

To get the best in volume or topographical surveys in Sydney, contact Geosurv for a professional, efficient, and accurate survey of your plot of land. Don’t get caught unaware with your earthworks. Geosurv have over 10 years of experience in all manner of commercial and industrial site works.  Contact them today to book your volume survey.

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