Perimeter Survey and Detailing: Here’s What You Should Know

Perimeter Survey and Detailing

Perimeter survey and detailing is about mapping and determining the geometry of a property. It’s a direct and reliable way of determining if there’s an encroachment. Surveyors might use a combination of methods such as GPS to accomplish this.

Aside from determining the geometry, perimeter surveying is also valuable in documenting boundary locations with respect to existing features near the property lines. This is useful in working with the deed restrictions when it comes to new construction projects.

Perimeter surveying is similar to building a fence

The difference is that perimeter surveys usually cover large parcels of land. In addition, perimeter surveying is a much more accurate way of setting boundaries. Fences still serve as visual reminders. However, where they stand might not be consistent with the true boundaries of the property.

As mentioned earlier, a perimeter survey is also valuable in resolving conflicts with regards to deed restrictions. On the survey you’ll see the existing features within 5 metres of the perimeter line. You can see the driveways, swimming pools, bodies of water and other natural and man-made features existing nearby.

For the property owner or developer, this is valuable information for construction planning. Property developers could accurately assess the potential of a land. In addition, they can also build fences or walls that are positioned more accurately to better protect their property.

The survey is also valuable for future references. After the survey, the team of surveyors will install monuments to serve as markings of boundary corners. These will serve as visual reminders for the owners, developers and neighbours.

Perimeter survey and detailing

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