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How Important is an Accurate Highway Project Surveying?

by Michael Croft on September 25, 2017 in Blog

It’s ironic that in large-scale projects the small details are the most important. That’s because all the mistakes will be magnified. This is the case especially with highway project[…]

How to Attract Commercial Tenants for your Sydney Property

by Michael Croft on September 18, 2017 in Blog

One way to attract commercial tenants for your Sydney property is to show prospects what exactly is on offer. You can accomplish this by showing the layout and drawings[…]

Why Do You Need Drawings for Real Estate Marketing?

by nicola on September 12, 2017 in Blog

Drawings for real estate marketing show the clients what the premises look like (without the clients actually visiting the site). This way, they can quickly decide if the site[…]

Town and Country Planning: Importance of Accurate Surveying

by nicola on August 5, 2017 in Blog

Proper town and country planning is essential to progress. Optimisation of road networks, proper zoning and environmental protection are some of the things that will result from well-thought out[…]

Strata Planning Wollongong: How a Surveyor Can Help

by Michael Croft on July 29, 2017 in Blog

Strata planning is important in residential, commercial, industrial and recreational areas. Often, this is for use optimisation of the available land and creating clear boundaries for various purposes. This[…]

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