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Why Choose Point Cloud Surveying?

by nicola on November 5, 2017 in Blog

Point cloud surveying provides more information and makes visualisation easier than the traditional 2D surveying. In addition, point cloud surveys now have roughly the same costs as 2D surveys,[…]

Does Your Site Need a Surveying for Flood Risk Assessment?

by nicola on October 31, 2017 in Blog

Does your site require a surveying for flood risk assessment? Is it necessary to determine the risk of flooding for your new residential development project? There are certain areas[…]

What are Community Title Schemes?

by nicola on October 29, 2017 in Blog

What are community title schemes? These are now popular among property developers. These schemes allow them to effectively market large blocks of land to both residential and commercial buyers.[…]

New Hospital Surveying for Construction

by Michael Croft on October 21, 2017 in Blog

New hospital surveying for construction is a crucial aspect because of the need for higher standards. This is especially the case with huge public hospitals that will cover a[…]

Utility Location for Residential Development: How Does It Work?

by nicola on October 16, 2017 in Blog

Accurate utility location for residential development is often one of the first crucial steps before any actual excavation or construction. This is for damage prevention, better planning, lower costs[…]

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