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What’s the Future of Construction in Newcastle?

by Michael Croft on November 13, 2018 in Blog

If we could accurately predict the future, we would be the first to take advantage of the biggest opportunities in Newcastle, Sydney, Canberra and other locations. We could buy[…]

Role of Surveyors on Apartment Construction

by nicola on October 16, 2018 in Blog

Fundamentally, surveyors are among the first people in the site during construction projects. That’s because the information and reports they provide are crucial to proper and accurate planning of[…]

What’s the Role of Surveyors in Determining Land Boundaries?

by nicola on September 17, 2018 in Blog

For much of human history, land ownership and setting the boundaries was about gaining control and power. It was also about assigning private and public lands (e.g. for growing[…]

How Important is Surveying in Transportation Engineering?

by superadmin on August 15, 2018 in Blog

One key to growing the national economy is by facilitating or speeding up movement of goods, services and people. As a result, efficient and reliable transportation is crucial to[…]

Will the Construction Sector Continue to Soar?

by nicola on July 10, 2018 in Blog

The short answer is most likely yes. There will be cycles of boom and bust but in general, the trend will continue to go upwards. For the next years[…]

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