New Hospital Surveying for Construction

New Hospital Surveying for Construction

New hospital surveying for construction is a crucial aspect because of the need for higher standards. This is especially the case with huge public hospitals that will cover a large land area. That is why developers only choose the best surveyors for the project. For example, Geosurv was commissioned by Brookfield Multiplex to conduct survey works for the University of Canberra Public Hospital.

Whether it’s construction of new hospital or repurposing existing space, experienced surveyors will be able to work according to client specifications. They could examine the constraints and optimise the opportunities while delivering accurate results. They also adhere to local policies and strict standards.

New hospital construction

Huge construction projects are often the most vulnerable to costly errors. One main reason is that each millimetre matters. Each mistake can be magnified all throughout the project. This could lead to costly delays and possibly legal fines.

Whether it’s setting the work boundary or determining the earthwork volume, professional surveyors use advanced technologies to ensure accuracy. They also perform cross evaluation to accomplish that.

Surveyors can also perform flood risk assessments. They could examine the land elevation, topographical features and drainage systems of the project area and its surroundings. These give engineers and developers a complete picture of the features and risks of the project.

Repurposing existing space

Professional surveyors also perform a crucial role in repurposing an existing hospital structure. They could do a laser scanning of the area to produce a 3D render. The result is a high definition survey which makes planning and collaboration easier and faster. It also provides more details compared to traditional surveys.

Many hospitals now plan for expansion to accommodate more patients. More rooms, diagnostic areas and treatment facilities might be added to the existing hospital building. This requires optimisation of space and minimising the possible demolitions and renovations. Professional surveyors can help accomplish that by performing a 3D scanning and applying other advanced surveying methods.

New hospital surveying for construction Canberra

Here at Geosurv, our experienced team of surveyors have been already commissioned by developers in the construction of hospitals, apartments, commercial buildings, highways and other projects in Canberra, Sydney, Adelaide and other nearby locations.

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