Why Do You Need Drawings for Real Estate Marketing?

Why Do You Need Drawings for Real Estate Marketing?

Drawings for real estate marketing show the clients what the premises look like (without the clients actually visiting the site). This way, they can quickly decide if the site is ideal for their office or retail store.

This can give you an edge over your competitors. As they say in the marketing industry: “Show, don’t tell.” Instead of making the clients read several pages full of explanations, why not just show the actual site to them?

Make it easy for your clients to visualise

Once your prospects see the drawings and the layout, they’ll be able to visualise and imagine their store or office on your site. They’ll start imagining the shelves, tables and chairs already placed in your commercial space.

You can post the marketing drawings on your website and Facebook page. You can also add the drawings on the brochures you give away to prospects. This could help them save time and probably decide if your commercial space is right for them.

This completes your real estate marketing arsenal

You should still have your business cards, flyers, posters and other promotional items always ready. The role of the real estate drawings is to complement those other marketing items.

As with your other marketing materials, your contact information should also be present (preferably near the drawings). This way, potential clients can immediately contact you if they’re interested.

You can also include the features and amenities below the drawings. It’s also recommended to include “additional advantages” such as proximity to other businesses, available parking space, train stations and maybe government offices. This adds value to your marketing and helps your clients make better decisions. This will also give them additional incentive to choose your site over your competitors.

Drawings for real estate marketing Sydney

Why should the clients choose you or your commercial space over your competitors? A sure way is to gain a competitive edge that will set you apart. This is where drawings for real estate marketing can help.

If you need such accurate drawings for your marketing, contact us today here at Geosurv. Call us today at 1300 554 675 if you need more information.

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