Lot Survey Newcastle: How Accuracy Prevents Problems

Lot Survey Newcastle: How Accuracy Prevents Problems

An accurate lot survey helps developers, architects and property owners avoid legal disputes and problems. The survey provides correct boundary information about the land. This determines the scope of the project and helps developers comply with council regulations.

Whether it’s a small parcel of land or a large subdivision to be developed, professional surveyors can assist developers with accurate planning. This will then prevent potential problems later on. As a result, the residential development will progress as planned.

Purpose of lot survey

Some people use lot survey interchangeably with other terms such as land surveying and boundary surveying. To avoid confusion and make sure you are getting the relevant information, it’s recommended to send an enquiry regarding your surveying needs.

For architects and property owners, a complete land survey is valuable in creating a construction plan. For securing a loan or mortgage, other types of surveys and other details will be needed.

Why licensed surveyors should do the job?

Surveying becomes complex as new requirements are being set. In addition, certain properties have complex features. The surveying might be labour-intensive and time-consuming depending on the project site and scope.

That is why licensed surveyors with years of experience should perform the job. This way, you will be sure of accuracy. You will gain the peace of mind that the project will progress without any related legal disputes ahead.

Compliance with Australian codes and OH&S Laws

The new rules and regulations are there to protect both the project owner and the community. Mainly, it’s about upgrading the standards to ensure everyone’s safety. In addition, there might be other plans and considerations regarding the building of a new structure in a certain area.

From planning up to the building, safety practices must be applied every step of the way. This is to protect the surveyors, survey technicians, engineers, developers, architects and crew.

Lot survey Newcastle

At Geosurv, we comply with Australian codes and occupational safety laws. Our professional team regularly undergoes training to ensure they’re updated with the latest requirements and practices.

Contact us today and let’s talk about your project requirements.

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