Residential Property Survey

Geosurv provide a wide range of surveying services for residential property owners, builders and architects.

We have local surveyors in Newcastle and the Central Coast who provide an efficient, reliable and cost effective survey solution for your project.

If you’re building a new home, adding a new addition, installing a fence or selling your home, Geosurv can help.

Click on a service area below to find out more or simply fill out the enquiry form and our dedicated Residential Survey Manager will be in touch to discuss your project.

Our Residential Property Services

A Detail Survey is completed for design purposes. You will need a Detail Survey if you are lodging a Development Application to Council for a home renovation.

Here is an example of what you will receive once a detail survey has been performed by one of our qualified Residential Property Surveyors.

Detail Survey Plan

An Identification Survey determines the position of structures on a property in relation to the boundaries. This type of survey is certified by a Registered Surveyor and is usually required in a contract of sale.

Here is an example of an Identification Survey plan completed by one of our Registered Surveyors. We will also provide you with a written report identifing your boundaries.

Identification Survey Plan

Boundary Surveys determine the position of structures on a property in relation to the boundaries.

Peg Out Surveys use pegs or markers to determine boundaries or to peg out four corners of a property or structure. A Peg Out Survey is used when installing a new fence, a driveway, or even to peg out a granny flat or garage.

Plans of Subdivision are prepared when land is to be divided into two or more new lots that can be disposed of separately.

Section 88B Conveyancing Act 1919 enables the creation and release of affecting interests (only easements and profits à prendre may be released) upon the registration of the plan. The Plan must be accompanied by a section 88B instrument in accordance with clause 29(3) Conveyancing (General) Regulation 2013.


We understand that you may have a few questions about your Residential Property Survey. We are here to help and are happy to chat to you and discuss your project before you decide next steps. We will provide you with the most suitable and cost-effective solution.

A Detail Survey shows ground contours, levels and structures on site.

All levels are shown to Australian Height Datum (AHD).

A Detail Survey plan used when submitting a Development Application to Council.

Plans are supplied in DWG and PDF format for use by an Architect to design renovations.

We aim to be onsite within 3 working days from the date of acceptance to carry out your Residential Survey.

Generally, our Residential Surveyors will be onsite from 7am (or an agreed time) and depending on the complexity of the site, their visit will last approx. 4 hours.

One we have completed works on site, we will have your DWG and PDF plans back to you within 5 working days. You will be notified immediately of any delays.

You don’t need to be home for a standard Residential Survey, unless you require an internal building floor plan.

We only require access to the front and the rear of the property.

Please keep pets inside as some pets enjoy playing with our equipment.

An Identification Survey produces a plan showing the dimensions of structures to your boundary and adjoining property boundaries.

An Identification Survey is used for a contract of sale or a boundary dispute between neighbours.

Fieldwork is overseen and plans are signed by one of our 5 in house Registered Surveyors.

During a Peg Out Survey we will mark out an extension or structure on your property for footings or excavation. We will also provide recovery marks for use by the builder.

We can also Peg Out a boundary line if you are installing a new fence.

You will receive a Set Out Plan once the work is completed.

Geosurv are adept at all types of Strata Subdivisions from part strata, commercial strata and highrise residential strata.

Geosurv have an in house Senior Registered Surveyor and Strata Certifier.

Yes, we can survey and produce an elevation plan at your request. These plans will show a front and or side view of the building from a specific direction, i.e. building as viewed from the street or side of the property.

Simply request this survey when you speak to our Residential Survey Manager.

Yes, we can carry out an internal measure up of your property. The measure up is floor by floor of the internals walls, doors and window locations, as well as ceiling heights.

We will produce an internal floor plan to represent these features.

Unfortunately, Geosurv do not carry out Geotechnical Survey reporting.

We do however, carry out Ground Monitoring Well and Borehole surveys. We can supply a plan and report of each well in MGA and AHD.

Unfortunately, Geosurv do not carry out soil and water testing.  This is done by a geotechnical surveyor.

We do however, carry out Ground Monitoring Well and Borehole surveys. We can supply a plan and report of each well in MGA and AHD.

Geosurv have a dedicated 3D Survey and Modelling team consisting of surveyors and expert modelling engineers. We can survey your property with our state of the art 3D technology and produce a  3D mesh or TIN file used for surface modelling.

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