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3D Scanning & BIM.

We pride ourselves on our ability to provide customised solutions to meet your specific requirements. We do this with our 3 step approach – 3D scan, model, analyse.

This process in combination with traditional 2D plan and dwg deliverables, will give you greater control over your project allowing you to be more creative in your design and to identify any issues sooner. Our local scanning technicians in Wollongong provide an efficient, reliable and cost effective survey solution for your project.

3D Scanning & Modelling Services
Geosurv can provide As Built 3D models as well as 2D drawings.

The 3D model allow for quicker turnaround as the modelling of the new design can be executed directly from the model generated from the scan data, furthermore the 3D model carry a lot more information than an ordinary 2D as built drawing.

With a team of Surveyors and Engineers who have extensive knowledge of 3D Laser Scanning, Geosurv can deliver superior results to help clients achieve project objectives.

At Geosurv we use 3D scanning in new construction, retrofit work and it is fast becoming the standard for documenting the as-builts and residential property.

The end result is an easy to navigate and intuitive “virtual” plan that can be used to support project and asset management, engineering, maintenance, operations, safety and more.

Geosurv use the latest in 3D Laser Scanning technology to capture both natural and man-made features of Architectural and Town Planning projects .

Although a standard detail survey is fundamental in both Architecture and Town Planning, it requires further interpretation, and often modelling before it can be effectively used in the design process.

3D Scanning Deliverables

A conventional 2D drawing can be generated from the 3D scanning data for detail surveys and as build models. These drawings are of much higher quality than the one obtained with conventional methods but they don’t unlock the full potential of the scan data. Here is what can be delivered, depending on the application:

Point Cloud

A point cloud is the basic deliverable for 3D scanning. It is a set of data points in which each point carry only the information about its position in space (x,y,z values) and potentially the color information (r,g,b values). Due to the high number of points that usually form a point cloud, the rendered model looks almost solid and easy to interpret by the eye. The main limitation is that the point cloud doesn’t carry any additional information, for instance a group of points that belong on the same wall (or plane) are not interpreted as a single entity by the software, which therefor is not capable of extracting features from the point cloud. Different software have different tools and handle the point cloud differently, but generally speaking the extraction of feature and generation of 2D drawings and 3D model requires significant user input.

Nevertheless, point clouds remain a superior visualization tool and the base for any future measure and modelling. Furthermore, point clouds are great for archival purposes as they contain a complete snapshot of the area, allowing for future modelling and analysis.

The main parameter of a point cloud is the resolution, which is the distance between two adjacent points, this defines the level of detail that can be extracted from it. Here is an example of the same point cloud at 3 different resolutions (3mm, 10mm and 25mm)

We understand that you may have a few questions about 3D Scanning and Modelling. We are here to help and are happy to chat to you and discuss your project before you decide next steps. We will provide you with the most suitable and cost-effective solution.


What is a 3D Scanning?

3D scanning captures digital information of a shape, structure or landscape.

Using a high definition scanner, hundreds of millions of points are located in just one scan. Multiple scans are then connected to the survey control to produce a full survey of the required area.

The output of the scanner is called a point cloud, this can then be modelled and analysed to produce high quality deliverables.

What are the advantages of 3D Scanning over traditional survey methods?

Incredible level of detail that cannot be achieved with traditional methods.

Three times faster than traditional survey methods, which means less time on site, less interruption to you and your team, and quicker results.

Captures everything in one snap shot. This eliminates errors and guarantees just one site visit.

3D models can be produced of the subject which is easier to interpret.

Allows for a more efficient and cost effective design and construction process.

When will I receive my survey plan?

One we have completed works on site, we will have your DWG and PDF plans back to you within 5 working days. You will be notified immediately of any delays.

Do I need to be home to let the surveyor in?

You don’t need to be home for a standard Residential Survey, unless you require an internal building floor plan.

We only require access to the front and the rear of the property.

Please keep pets inside as some pets enjoy playing with our equipment.

Can you produce a 3D Model of my property?

Geosurv have a dedicated 3D Survey and Modelling team consisting of surveyors and expert modelling engineers. We can survey your property with our state of the art 3D technology and produce a  3D mesh or TIN file used for surface modelling.