Land Surveyor Sydney: What to Look for Before Choosing One


A professional land surveyor in Sydney can help you comply with requirements in your construction project. Land surveyors use a variety of tools and equipment to perform their job.

But not all land surveyors are the same. There is varying experience and expertise. In addition, land surveying continues to evolve all the time. This requires modern tools and knowledge that some land surveyors only possess.

Extensive experience in projects related to yours

The requirements for residential property surveying and commercial projects differ in a lot of aspects. It’s recommended that you know if the company specialises in one of those.

The tools and the technologies being utilised in those could also be different. This is especially the case with large scale projects that require more sensitive analysis. For example, in large commercial and government projects, these might require high definition surveying and 3D scanning.

Meet technical specifications

This is important to prevent problems later on. In addition, these are requirements every project must meet under any circumstances.

Registered and Licensed Surveyors can meet those technical specifications. They also continuously update themselves with the latest regulations. This way, they can help ensure that the project goes smoothly as planned.

Compliance with Australian and New Zealand Standards Codes

This is crucial to minimise delays, prevent future problems and avoid legal repercussions. That’s why professional land surveyors often complete trainings and licenses. They need to comply with the Standards Codes for every project they undertake.

Surveyors also need to comply with OH&S laws and codes of practice. This is to help ensure the safety of workers and compliance with the proper practice of the profession.

Land surveyor Sydney

In Sydney, Geosurv’s registered and licensed surveyors comply with all the codes and regulations. In terms of technical specifications and project delivery, they ensure best practice in all projects.

If you need a land surveyor for your project (residential, commercial or government), you can contact us today.

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