Land Survey Services for Residential, Commercial and Government Projects


Need professional land survey services? Proper land surveying is crucial in planning almost any construction project. It’s also crucial in making sure that the project and plans comply with codes and regulations of the area.

In Sydney, Canberra and other locations in Australia, there are registered surveyors who already have many years of experience in the field. This gives confidence to the project manager and owner about the outcome of the surveying.

Aside from years of experience, seasoned project managers also look for other things to ensure the success of the project. A few of these are listed below:

Ensuring health and safety of surveyors while at work

This is important. There are also risks in land surveying. Surveyors are often exposed to elements and they spend time on the field.

That’s why companies now apply health and safety precautions to protect and care for their workers. Surveyors and staff also undergo practical training and guidance to ensure safety at work. All team members also adhere to strict Occupational Health & Safety policies. This way, surveyors and staff can remain healthy each time they undertake a project.

Use of latest technologies

Today, there are modern tools and technologies that deliver accurate and fast survey results. For example, 3D scanning can deliver faster surveys and quicker results. In addition, it makes planning more accurate and easier.

The 3D laser scanning technology is ideal for architectural and town planning projects. The technology allows the surveyors capture both the natural and man-made features of a location.

3D scanning is also ideal for commercial projects. It can yield a “virtual” plant wherein project managers and staff can access it anywhere and aid them in planning and safety assurance.

High ethical standards

Experienced project managers and owners prefer to work with companies that have high ethical standards. Land and construction surveyors from these companies produce accurate results which can help external and internal stakeholders with their decisions.

Land survey services in Australia

A team of registered surveyors, technicians, drafters, engineers and programmers is ready to help you with your surveying needs. At Geosurv, we also ensure the health and safety of our team.

If you need professional land survey services, you can call us today at 1300 554 675.

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