What are the Key Roles of a Construction Surveyor?

They can be seen on every construction or job site throughout Australia. With their surveying equipment, they are easily distinguished as the construction surveyor. But is it that they actually do? What are their key duties, and why are they so important to the smooth completion of a construction project?

Accuracy and Precision

One of the key roles that a construction surveyor has is to be extremely precise. That is to say, they are required to use highly sophisticated equipment to map out exactly where the construction is going to take place. Using their surveyor’s tools and equipment, they mark out the exact locations of the site, mark the boundary of the site, and determine the distance from the road. Their job is to take the drawing on paper from the architect and accurately map out those exact measurements on the ground for the construction crew. It’s an enormous responsibility.

Measurements and Guidelines

Another key role the construction surveyor has is the measurement and dimension of the build. This is important to remain within the given parameters by the surrounding buildings, the government, the natural features around the site, and the potential hazards buried underneath.

The construction surveyor measures out the depth of the buildings foundations, they mark out the precise limits of boundaries and overhangs, they also dictate measurements above the surface of the ground as well, such as overhangs and eaves.

Planning and Direction

In order for the job site to run smoothly, it requires the work done by the surveyor. Their accurate measurements and precise dimensions create the framework for an efficient job site. They safeguard employees from striking underground hazards. They prevent potential legal disputes by measuring out boundaries. They remove the guesswork from the rest of the construction crew.

By using the most sophisticated equipment, they rely on Global Positioning Systems (GPS), laser guidance, sometimes even sonar resonance, and they take into account even the curvature of the Earth to put as accurate a touch as they can to every part of the site.

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