Why Invest in Concrete and Structural Scanning?

Structural and concrete scanning represent methods of remote sensing that can be used in order to ensure that a renovation project does not run into problems the minute it breaks the ground. Concrete scanning utilises a technique known as ground penetrating radar (GPR) in order to provide an accurate view of the area under the ground. For construction engineers working on already erected buildings, this type of scanning can be a very important insurance policy.

Seeing What’s Hidden with GPR

When buildings are constructed, things like pipes and conduits for electrical and telecommunications cables were built into the concrete. Each floor level or wall can be a disaster waiting to strike. GPR can be used to detect these things by capitalising on the propensity of materials to reflect sound waves based on their density. By figuring out where density shifts occur within the concrete, the radar is able to accurately tell the engineer where conduits and pipes are hidden, allowing the construction crew to avoid destroying them as they build upon the existing structure.

Save Time in the Long Run

Construction and renovation projects can take a lot of time. If a mishap regarding conduits or pipes occur it can mean a lot more time to complete the project, not to mention far more costs involved; these problems translate to a lower bottom line. Investing in GPR in the early stages to accurately map out the hidden details within concrete slabs can have a profound effect on how quickly the job proceeds and can save a company money since less is spent in repairing broken pipes and conduits.

Stay Ahead of the Game

Working on a renovation for a building can be a harrowing experience if you don’t know where all the essential equipment is buried within the walls and floor. Hitting just one of them during the renovation can be more than just an inconvenience. Check out One Search Locators today to give you an idea of where the hidden, dangerous object within your construction site are located and to help you devise better ways to get your job done.