How Important is an Accurate Highway Project Surveying?

How Important is an Accurate Highway Project Surveying?

It’s ironic that in large-scale projects the small details are the most important. That’s because all the mistakes will be magnified. This is the case especially with highway project surveying wherein millimetres matter. One small mistake and it can ruin the whole project’s success.

Location of where to put the roadway

For instance, there are areas where the land sharply falls or rises. Failure to consider this can be disastrous as it will introduce risks to the end users and to the project itself. Another example is when parts of the road were constructed on swamp ground. The road might cave in and present dangers even during the construction.

To prevent those scenarios, professional land surveyors help engineers and project managers create a safe (and yet cost-effective) road design and plan. They examine the landscape features and understand the terrain. Their objectives are:

  • Help engineers find the best location for the road
  • Understand the terrain and mitigate risks
  • Recommend bridges and cuttings if these will help the project’s success
  • Survey water mains, drainage and sewer lines before, during and after the road construction project
  • Comply with industry standards and local regulations

In other words, they deliver accurate and precise solutions. As mentioned earlier, these things (even each millimetre) can greatly determine the success and compliance of road construction projects.

Other factors surveyors and engineers consider

Aside from determining the best location for a road, surveyors also consider other factors such as:

  • The purpose of the road (for what it will be used for)
  • The construction materials and techniques required for the project
  • How wide and long the road should be

These factors are also important in ensuring compliance and quality before, during and after construction. For instance, the purpose of the road might dictate which materials and construction techniques will be used.

Highway project surveying Sydney

It’s crucial that we pay attention to details especially in large scale projects such as highway and road construction. The mistakes will be very costly if small details were neglected.

That’s why here at Geosurv, our in-house licensed surveyors use sophisticated techniques and technologies to ensure accuracy. We also use robust error elimination protocols for each land surveying project we handle.

We service Sydney, Canberra, Wollongong, New Castle, Adelaide, Cronulla and Gold Coast. Contact us today if you require precise, timely and cost-effective surveying solutions.

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