How Much Does Hiring Land Surveyors in Wollongong Cost?

How Much Does Hiring Land Surveyors in Wollongong Cost?

Hiring land surveyors in Wollongong is essential in all types of construction projects whether it’s a residential extension or an entire building construction on an undeveloped land. Despite this, surveying is still sometimes seen as just an additional expense. While it does add up to a client’s budget, its benefits far outweigh the price.

With that said, how much does it exactly cost to hire land surveyors in Wollongong?

The short answer? It depends.

There is no one-size-fits-all rate. The same goes for any other state or territory in Australia. There are different factors taken into consideration before a final project cost or quote is given.

Determining Factors

Type of Survey

The first factor that determines how much a land surveyor will charge is the type of survey needed by a client. There are different surveys available for different needs.

The types of land survey include (but are not limited to):

Also known as detail or contour surveying, topographical surveying in Woolonggong will cost you higher than a simple peg out survey. This is because topographical surveying in Woolonggong determines & locates all the features of a property, both natural and man-made. The peg out survey only requires marking out the land’s four corners.

Area to be Surveyed

Other than the type of survey needed, the property or area of interest also has a huge impact on the cost.

Size. The larger the property covered, the higher the cost will be.

Shape. Surveying a flat & rectangular land will come out more affordable than that of a lot with irregular borders.

Accessibility. Site surveying in Wollongong will cost a client more if the area is not easily accessible to surveyors.

Availability of Records

If there are existing surveys and records of the property of interest, surveyors can make use of these rather than starting from scratch. Thus, reducing the time and effort needed to conduct the survey which in turn can lessen the cost.

Other Surveyors

Other than land surveyors, there are still other surveyors needed during a construction project to ensure its smooth and successful completion. For example, quantity surveyors in Wollongong make sure that a project follows the allotted budget and does not exceed it. And just like with land surveyors, the cost of hiring them is dependent on the demands and scope of a project. Quantity surveyors in Wollongong who work on a residential extension will charge lower than those working on large building projects.

Final Thoughts

With all things said, the cost of hiring surveyors in Wollongong, or any other state or territory for that matter, depends on a variety of factors as mentioned above. And here at Geosurv, we make sure that all of our surveying solutions are not just of the highest quality but are also cost-effective. We make sure clients get the best value. To get a quote for your surveying needs, give us a call at 1300 554 675 or send an email to today.

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