How a Commercial Building Surveyor Helps Secure Deals

How a Commercial Building Surveyor Helps Secure Deals

Commercial real estate is a highly competitive industry. While creating a prime commercial property is paramount, sealing a deal involves a lot more factors. What are those? In a nutshell, information—securing & providing your prospects with all the necessary details. That said, getting the assistance of a commercial building surveyor like us for this will prove to be greatly beneficial for all parties. Read on to know why.

Information is power

We’ve all heard the saying, “Information is power.” True enough, it is. This is especially true in commercial real estate. Having all the necessary information at hand which your potential buyers or lessees need eliminates long waiting times. This means you get rid of the multiple back-&-forth communication exchanges. With the information at hand, you equip your prospects to make their decisions much quicker.

How can a commercial building surveyor help you?

Through commercial property surveying, surveyors gather essential & helpful information which you & your prospects need. On that, there are different types of surveys conducted. Listed below are some.

Detail Surveys

A commercial building surveyor maps out all the features within a land in a detail survey. The features mapped out include both natural & man-made such as land utilities, fences, vegetation & landmarks.

Moreover, a commercial building surveyor like us determines the elevations & contours of the land. Once we’re done surveying the property, we return to the office to analyse gathered data to create a detail survey report.

Why should you have this done?

Before you can sell or lease a commercial property, you need to know its market value. For this, you need the information stated in a detail survey report. So, if a prospect wants to know the basis for the property’s price, you can provide it. Furthermore, you also need this survey if you plan to construct a building or create an extension on your property. Engineers & architects need this to create their plans & designs.

Fire Escape Plans

As mandated by law, all commercial buildings must have fire escape plans. Here at Geosurv, we ensure that our plans have all the information required by relevant authorities. These include evacuation points, fire safety equipment, escape routes & meeting places.

Why should you have this done?

Aside from being required by law, having a fire escape plan also gives your potential buyers or lessees the critical information needed in the unlikely occurrence of a fire. It’s also a simple but essential way to show that you care about their safety. This, in turn, helps you build a relationship of trust with them.

PCA and Lease Area Surveys

Here, surveyors measure the area of a land or space within a building. In commercial building surveying, there are three types of lease area surveys.

  • Net Lettable Area (NLA) – business parks & office buildings & parks
  • Gross Lettable Area (GLA) – tenancy areas in properties like warehouses & industrial buildings
  • Gross Lettable Area – Retail (GLAR) – retail tenancies in commercial buildings, shopping centres & free standing stores

Why should you have this done?

Other than a detail survey, these also act as bases in determining a property’s rental rate. These can also be used during negotiations.

Other plans & layouts

Aside from what has been mentioned, surveyors also produce other floor plans & documents depending on a client’s needs. These include marketing drawings, car park layouts & office layouts.

Final thoughts

With all things said, having all essential & helpful information at hand is important to secure a deal. Not only does it speed up the process but also contribute to a higher chance of closing the deal. And here at Geosurv, our team of licensed & highly-competent surveyors are more than capable to help you with that. We’ve conducted surveys for different commercial properties over the years.

Furthermore, our team also caters to all land & construction surveying needs. So, whether you need a residential, civil, industrial or commercial building surveyor, look no further. Geosurv is your team! To get a quote, simply call 1300 554 675 or request a quote here.

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