Hiring Surveyors in Newcastle

One of the biggest problems for a project manager in Newcastle is to perform all elements of a project effectively, both according to the requirements of the client and within the budget allocated. Often, it is possible to accomplish either one part or the other, but not necessarily both. Accurate surveying can help with this. On that, there are different types of surveys & surveyors. Discussed in this article are land surveyors and quantity surveyors.

Land Surveyors

As it implies, they are the professionals who perform land surveying—something that many think is just an additional cost in development and construction. But the truth is, hiring a land surveyor can effectively prevent significant expenses in the future. They establish property boundaries, map existing structures and identify rights of way and easements—all these are essential for every project.

Site Surveying in Newcastle

Site Survey, or Boundary Survey, is the process of interpreting construction plans and marking the boundaries of proposed new structures such as roads or buildings. Land surveyors conduct it to guarantee that construction goes as planned & within limits. Site surveying in Newcastle mitigates the danger of potential legal proceedings.

Topographical Surveying in Newcastle

The site’s topography such as the natural site features, ground conditions and obstructions, existing and adjoining building, and underground and overground services all impact the building design & construction. Together with a boundary survey, architects and engineers use data from topographic surveys to create accurate and appropriate designs based on current conditions. Land surveyors perform topographical surveying in Newcastle prior to construction to ensure that the features of the land are suitable for their intended use.

The Great Solution Used by Newcastle Land Surveyors

3D modelling is a great solution used by land surveyors to provide a highly-accurate data model. It saves time allotted on planning and design. It also makes the range of the project easier to understand for everyone involved. Land surveying company Geosurv offers 3D scanning and 3D modelling. Newcastle companies, among others, benefit from these.

Quantity Surveyors

As earlier mentioned, this article also talks about quantity surveyors. In a nutshell, quantity surveyors in Newcastle handle all expenses related to construction and civil engineering projects. Their job is both office-based and site-based. Their primary objective is to minimise costs and stay within budget. They do this without compromising the end result quality or failing to comply with different legislations.

Advantages of Hiring Quantity Surveyors

Accurate Cost Projections

In the planning phase, a quantity surveyor will calculate a realistic cost estimate for the project. Having accurate cash projections allows precise budget planning in advance before work commences and prevents any unpleasant surprises.

Securing Finance

Business owners or investors can use the quantity survey to get a loan from the bank. Most bank managers won’t offer credit unless there is a comprehensive cost estimate from a skilled quantity surveyor. The quantity survey should be a component in the business plan, as a business plan is often needed to persuade the manager when applying for a bank guarantee.

Ordering Materials from Suppliers

As the project progresses, the quantity surveyor will provide a detailed Bill of Quantities. Investors will be able to steer away from unnecessary financial hurdles like overpaying for construction materials or excess ordering.

Enforcing the Building Contract

A quantity surveyor is a contract management agent who sees to it that clauses in the building contract are followed. Particularly, they keep a close eye on variations that can lead to changes in the budget.

Handling Claims and Disputes

A quantity surveyor handles claims and disputes arising during the course of the project. Most of these disputes are related to payments, valuations, measurements, and Bills of Quantities. Equipped with contract management expertise, they solve disputes by quoting clauses in prevailing agreements.

So, is hiring land and quantity surveyors in Newcastle worth the money? When working with a fixed budget, hiring specialists for the venture may seem counterintuitive. However, with the massive value surveyors offer to a project, hiring them can save more money in the long run.

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