Gaining a Competitive Edge with Marketing Drawings

Every little advantage you can get when it comes to commercial property can be a huge advantage when buying or selling. In the eyes of a real estate agent, getting ahead is more about being informed with the same information that should be available to the client. In essence, both sides should have access to information about a property and all of its nuances. There are no complicated steps with this type of service, and there is nothing but an upside when using it. Marketing drawings are an important step to the access of information, and here is why.

A Full Virtual Layout That Provide a Competitive Edge with Marketing Drawings

There are many circumstances where visiting a property is out of the question, and there are even more times where the complete sale of a property will take place without the client visiting the area once. Geosurv can produce an Internal Floor Drawing and Site Drawings for marketing purposes.

Industry Standard Formats

Included in a marketing drawing are specific attributes related to the property in question. Geosurv can offer the completed drawings in several formats including a hard copy, adobe PDF or even the original CAD file. The last format is important by allowing any project manager to plug the CAD file into their program and add important notes about their current project.


A competitive edge with marketing drawings when it comes to acquiring (or changing) property can save both time and money. And for experts that handle multiple properties at once, Geosurv’s marketing drawings become a huge plus. To get started with the service on any property, call 1300 554 675 or fill out a contact form for a free quote.