Gain Control with Precast Concrete Panel Erection

Any construction site can be messy and complicated. All project managers and contractors want to find ways to save time and money on the site. How is it possible to make good decisions that are both timely and economical? Using precast concrete panels is a good start.

What are precast concrete panels?

Precast concrete is a ready-made construction material made from concrete. The concrete is formed in a factory to certain specifications and then moved to site. These panels can be quickly erected to save time on the construction of any job site. The panels can be erected, often, in a single day, saving the time in hiring expensive equipment and costly labour to build other materials.

The Advantages to Using Precast Concrete panels

First off, the panels are formed from a high standard of concrete, often much better than can be done on site. That’s because the concrete can be strictly controlled in the environment of a factory. That high quality control leads to a quick construction time on the project.

Secondly, the panels are completely uniform. They are built to exact specifications and they are shipped to site, ready to erect. In simpler terms, it’s like erecting a giant puzzle where the pieces have all been numbered and laid out beforehand.

There is an inherent safety in using these precast panels. They are built offsite without needing to bring in any costly or dangerous equipment. There is considerably less framework and scaffolding to set up during the erection process. The panels undergo a prestressing phase when they are rigorously tested to prove that there are no flaws before being installed on site.

Precast concrete panels can be used for more than just walls. These panels can be built for the floors, the walls, and the ceilings as well. This creates a very rapid construction time on site with panels that are safe, efficient, and much more economical than the other variations available.

Geosurv has been working with construction companies in Sydney for over 10 years. They specialise in precast concrete panel erection because they believe in this efficient and advantageous building material.

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