From Construction to Maintenance Work: How 3D Scanning Helps

From Construction to Maintenance Work: How 3D Scanning Helps

With technology ever evolving, surveying continues to advance as well. East Coast surveyors like us utilise new technologies & equipment to provide the best output possible. These include Robotic Total Station (RTS), GPS & 3D building scanning services. Speaking of 3D scanning, it has become a popular method for its various uses & advantages.

3D Scanning Basics

Before we proceed, let’s quickly talk about the basics of 3D scanning. Canberra surveyors, among others, like us, define it as a non-destructive process of digitally recording the shape of different real-world structures. It uses a laser to capture the needed data. Thus, it doesn’t require direct contact with a target.

How does it work? The scanner flashes a line of laser light towards the target. Through this, it captures its image. Each time it hits a surface, it creates a data point. A single scan consists of millions of data points which form a cloud. Afterwards, we use special software to create models or drawings from the point cloud data.

How 3D building scanning services help in construction

During construction, it can be difficult to see if the work conducted is according to plan since building elements are yet to be completed. Most issues may not be detected. To address this, we can perform a laser scan of the site on a daily or weekly basis. Afterwards, the point cloud data from 3D scanning in Brisbane projects, among others, can be combined with the project’s federated model. Then through visual analysis, inconsistencies are identified. Automated tools can also be used to speed up the evaluation process. As a result, the project team will be able to address any problem before it affects the project schedule or budget.

3D building scanning services also provide accurate as-built data for renovation or retrofit projects. This prevents costly adjustments which usually happen when engineers or architects base their plan & design on inaccurate as-built drawings. Furthermore, with 3D modelling, Sydney professionals can use it to create new documentation when no models or drawings exist. By slicing the point cloud horizontally, it shows a plan view which we can trace to create precise floor plans. Then when sliced vertically, it reveals elevation views.

How 3D building scanning services help in maintenance work

Similarly, 3D building modelling also helps in building maintenance. Conducting multiple 3D scans over time can assist in identifying any wear & damage occurring in existing structures. So, property owners or managers can have the necessary repairs done. Then by being able to show the rate at which any wear is happening, 3D building scanning services also help prevent greater damages from occurring.

Final Thoughts

All in all,  3D scanning proves to be a very useful surveying method. Not only does it aid in creating the best possible construction plans but also helps prevent further damage to existing structures. And here at Geosurv, we have provided 3D building scanning services to different clients for different needs. The projects we have handled include the Netanya Noosa Heads, The Margaret Whitlam Recreation Centre & Walsh Bay Arts Precinct. To get a quote for any land & construction surveying need, you can call us at 1300 554 675 or request a quote here.