Effective Earthmoving Planning

Before the construction crews roll in, before the site is cordoned off and prepared, and before the first backhoe strikes the ground, it’s important to know what’s going on underneath the soil. It’s crucial to find out as much information as possible about what’s unseen by calling a residential or construction surveyor.

Safety Hazard Prevention

The number one rule on any job site is to get everyone home safely after the day is done. That means taking extreme precautions to prepare everyone for the hazards on site. By using a topographical survey or a construction set out performed by a licensed surveyor, it’s possible to find and mark out each potential hazard underneath the ground.

This protects the site crew from hitting any buried electrical cables, rupturing a pipeline, or damaging a water main. Without using a surveyor to prepare the earthworks, there could be costly delays, serious injuries, or even deaths.

Role of a Residential or Construction Surveyor

Part of the job of the construction surveyor is to plan out as much as possible before the work even begins. That means conducting volume surveys to gauge how much soil needs to be moved during the length of the project. This requires earthmoving planning and forethought as the surveyor needs to think about both excavations and infill requirements.

This is the purpose of the volume survey and earthworks survey. It assesses the amount of soil to be moved out of the site, or that needs to be trucked into the site. It also details where the soil needs to be shored up or stored during digging of the foundations or the footings.

Certification Surveys

As part of the planning stage of a site, a licensed surveyor often needs to conduct a certification survey to map out drainage works or new road works. Before any earthmoving equipment can enter the site, the survey needs to have been filed with the city council by a registered and licensed construction surveyor.

Before you think of beginning any earthworks on your site, even if it’s minor, consider contacting Geosurv. Our licensed surveyors have been safeguarding job sites and conducting surveys for over 10 years across Australia. Find out how your earthworks require the benefit of a licensed surveyor by contacting us today. We can book a consultation with you to discuss your needs and your project.

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