Construction Site Survey: 3 Different Facets of Surveying

Construction Site Survey: 3 Different Facets of Surveying

A construction site survey is important in accurate planning and complying with standards and regulations. In addition, an accurate survey also aids in the identification and mitigation of risks in the project site.

Because of the survey’s importance, engineers and construction firms hire a professional surveying team. The team can recommend and conduct the surveys relevant to the site and project.

1. Site surveys in Newcastle and Gold Coast

Different sites might have different requirements and risks. For example, some areas are more prone to flooding. In these cases, flood risk assessments are valuable.

There are also special features in and near coastal areas. Surveyors also check the surrounding structures, the height above sea level and topographical features. They also check the underground structures and obstructions to ensure compliance and worker safety.

2. Bulk earthwork surveys and other specific surveys

Depending on the project specifications and requirements, bulk earthwork surveys and other specific surveys might also be required. These are important in grade set outs, determining extent of cuts and fills and temporary ramps set outs (especially for large scale earthworks).

The professional surveying team might also assess other risks and conditions such as local climate, environmental contamination, air quality and traffic and transport. These sets of information are valuable in further mitigating risks.

3. 3D laser scanning

For renovations and historic restorations, the professional surveying team might also perform 3D laser scanning. This technology generates a high definition survey. This helps in visualisation, planning, interpretation and collaboration among engineers and developers.

Construction site survey Newcastle and Gold Coast

There are many facets and aspects to construction site surveying. These are all important in proper planning, compliance and risk mitigation.

That’s why at Geosurv, our experienced team provides surveys and reports with a focus on client requirements. We utilise the latest technologies to ensure accuracy and cost effectiveness.

Contact us today and let us discuss your project requirements.

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