What are Community Title Schemes?

What are Community Title Schemes?

What are community title schemes? These are now popular among property developers. These schemes allow them to effectively market large blocks of land to both residential and commercial buyers. That’s because these community title schemes show a cluster or ‘community’ instead of just an individual lot.

From the phrase itself, it’s about the ‘community’ or shared locations for common use. These include walkways, playgrounds, swimming pools, parks, bike tracks and other local facilities. It’s different from a plain subdivision plan wherein each lot is assigned to a specific owner. Community title schemes are there to add more value to a residential development.

What are the benefits?

New homeowners now look far beyond the square metres and location of their future homes. They also look for other features especially access to areas and facilities such as parks and swimming pools.

That’s why many property developers now offer a full lifestyle package to prospective owners. After all, people look not for just a place to reside, they’re also looking for a place to live. Community title schemes are one of the ideal ways to communicate that need more effectively. It will be easier for prospects to imagine the future if there’s more emphasis to the community aspect of a property.

Better planning and flexibility

Community title schemes can start small and gradually grow larger as years go by. This gives developers more time and flexibility when it comes to planning. They can gradually expand their plans and modify them according to the prevailing market trends.

This could also allow properties to have a higher perceived value. Residential and commercial buyers of the land would evaluate the land’s potential through the plans and its attractiveness to the end users.

What are community title schemes?

Property developers realise many benefits from these community title plans. They raise the value of their property and they gain the flexibility they need (they can start small and expand later).

To fully take advantage of community title schemes, you need tailor-made solutions for your specific property. Here at Geosurv, we will create such solutions to optimise the value of your property. Call us today at 1300 554 675 and we’ll give you a free quote.

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