Why Choose Point Cloud Surveying?

Why Choose Point Cloud Surveying?

Point cloud surveying provides more information and makes visualisation easier than the traditional 2D surveying. In addition, point cloud surveys now have roughly the same costs as 2D surveys, which is why many surveyors and engineers now prefer point cloud.

Other benefits of point cloud surveys

One main reason it’s now popular is it provides a 3D render of an existing structure. Many people actually interchange 3D scanning and point cloud surveying. After all, laser 3D scanning results to a point cloud wherein each point delivers information about the appearance and orientation of a surface.

This is valuable because the resulting visuals make it easy for the human eyes to interpret. This could result to better planning and collaboration. Even other engineers and stakeholders not on the site can give their valuable contributions because of the detailed visual.

In addition to more detail and easy interpretability, 3D scanning is also faster. Producing a point cloud could actually be up to 3x faster. This means less time on site and fewer interruptions. Then, anybody in your team can view the deliverable just by using a web browser. This allows for faster and a more convenient collaboration among engineers, managers and stakeholders.

For archiving and future planning

Point clouds produce a complete snapshot of the area. As a result, the snapshot can then be used for archival, review and even future planning. Engineers who would later on analyse the project could then already have an accurate record. They could use that to investigate, analyse and review the project as it is.

After many years, the record could be used to review the structure and modifications made. This information is valuable for present and future engineers of the project. They could then suggest for further improvements. They could also spot errors which could then lead to more improvements and risk minimisation.

Point cloud surveying Canberra

Here at Geosurv, we perform fast and accurate surveying using the laser and point cloud technology. Our professional surveying team prioritises accuracy and client requirements every step of the project. Call us today at 1300 554 675 and our experienced team will do the point cloud surveying and 3D scanning.

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