Building Surveyor Canberra: For Renovation & Construction

As the capital city of Australia, Canberra is the home to many businesses and commercial establishments. As a result, construction and engineering firms hire a professional building surveyor. This professional provides technical advice in:

  • Design and development of new buildings
  • Maintenance and restoration of existing buildings
  • Planning and preparation of detailed reports for assessment

Professional surveyors play a huge part in design, planning and construction. This is especially the case at present when there are strict requirements and modern practices.

3D Laser Scanning

One of those modern surveying practices is the use of 3D laser scanning. This high-definition surveying method involves the process of capturing digital information of a scene or infrastructure.

Aside from detail and accuracy, 3D laser scanning also allows for faster surveying. This leads to fewer site visits and interruptions to the client. This leads to quicker results and faster progress.

3D scanning can also aid in the production of an accurate 3D CAD model. This allows for easier visualisation and more accurate planning.

Generation of “virtual” plant

Accurate visualisation is becoming the trend in construction, design and planning. This makes collaboration easier. This also makes it easier to spot potential errors in real time.

3D scanning allows engineers and project managers to have access to a “virtual” plant. They can access it anywhere and provide recommendations as they see fit. They can also use it for consistent documentation.

This is valuable in existing commercial buildings wherein renovations or improvements are needed. The electronic files from 3D scanning will serve as reference and “drawing board” for future modifications.

Building surveyor Canberra

At Geosurv, we utilise 3D laser scanning for commercial and infrastructure projects. This allows us to provide more accurate and faster reports that will aid you in planning.

Contact us today and our experienced team of surveyors will study your project requirements.

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