Boundary Survey Adelaide: Focus on Accuracy & Precision

Boundary Survey Adelaide: Focus on Accuracy & Precision

One of the key roles of professional surveyors is performing a boundary survey. This is about accurately determining the property lines and defining the property corners. This helps in accurate planning and adhering to legal requirements.

Because of its importance, there is a special emphasis on accuracy and precision. After all, property lines and corners ultimately determine the scope and scale of a construction project. Accuracy and precision also prevents costly and time-consuming legal ramifications.

Maintain appropriate distance from neighbouring structures

As one of the most populous Australian cities, Adelaide has a complex mix of residential and commercial structures. As a consequence, there is a need for accurate boundary surveying.

Aside from determining the property lines and corners, surveying also helps in keeping an appropriate distance from neighbouring structures. In construction projects, the land itself and the neighbouring structures play a huge part in planning.

The new building to be constructed should keep an appropriate distance from neighbouring buildings, fences and curbs. This is for safety, following regulations and aesthetics. It is also for planning for the future wherein new structures might be built during the course of a few years.

Apart from distancing, project managers and professional surveyors also consider the elevation of a land and structure. This is covered in Level Height Surveys.

Importance of Level Height Surveys

Level and/or Height Surveys are performed for the purpose of safety and reliability. This type of survey focuses on the topographical levels and slopes of land areas.

For this type of survey, deep understanding of the Australian Height Datum (AHD) is required. It is a database that assists in taking into account the minor differences among elevations of different areas. Surveyors utilise this for accurate planning and generation of detailed reports.

Boundary survey Adelaide

Boundary surveys and Level height surveys work hand in hand to allow clients, architects, engineers and project managers meet building codes and other requirements.

Due to the importance of boundary surveying, experienced professionals should handle this aspect of the project.

That’s why many companies now choose Geosurv’s land and construction surveyors. Since 2005, we’ve been helping companies meet building codes and acquire accurate reports to aid them in their planning.

We provide a wide range of construction surveying services. You can contact us today if you need more information.

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