How to Attract Commercial Tenants for your Sydney Property

How to Attract Commercial Tenants for your Sydney Property

One way to attract commercial tenants for your Sydney property is to show prospects what exactly is on offer. You can accomplish this by showing the layout and drawings on your website and other promotional materials (e.g. print brochures).

Whether it’s an office or a retail store, business owners need clear and real-time information before making a decision. They still read the features and amenities you include. But they still need to see how it exactly looks like. Some of them might actually visit the site. But many of them won’t have the time to do that. In addition, they might not enquire in the first place.

How to make potential clients contact you

Prospects will only contact you if they’re interested in what you have to offer. Back then the trend was to show “just only enough” to tease prospects so they’ll be compelled to contact you. But now times have changed. Show everything on the table so you’ll gain a competitive edge.

“The more you tell, the more you sell.” Business owners need more information so they can make better decisions. After all, they’ll be investing a huge amount of money for renting a commercial space.

How office layouts and drawings can help

These drawings can provide business owners and managers the complete information they need. They can decide if a particular site is ideal for their requirements and preferences. They can easily visualise their business on that location.

Clear and concise plans present in your website or brochures can show prospective tenants what the offer exactly is. They can save time because they won’t need to visit the site (and realise later on it’s not the best fit for their business). In addition, you will also save time because you’ll only be facing strong prospects. Perhaps they’ve only visited the site to gain peace of mind.

Where to get those drawings?

You should have clear and accurate office plans and drawings that best represent the actual site. This way, when the prospects are on the site they’ll see that everything is correct and in place. You’ll win their trust and they might decide to do business with you.

That’s why you should request experts to provide those drawings for you. They’ll be able to create drawings that show important details your prospects are looking for. They will show the locations of doors, windows, partitioning and existing fixtures.

If the site location (e.g. low risk to flooding, proximity to suppliers and target customers) is great and it’s a fair pricing, the prospect might already accept the offer even if there are some modifications needed. The drawings you presented can then help the tenants plan for renovations.

Attract commercial tenants in Sydney

Here at Geosurv, we create accurate office layouts and drawings. If you’re looking to lease an office space, those drawings will help you gain a competitive edge. Contact us today and let’s discuss how we can accomplish that.

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