Accurate Deformation Surveying with 3D Laser Technology

Land changes over time. This is understandable, as both natural and manmade causes can contribute to movement and deformations. But it is important to track this type of movement for a number of reasons. If land changes too quickly, it may pose a risk of creating a safety hazard. This is especially problematic if the terrain in question currently supports one or more structures. Understanding the changes and deformations in land is crucial, and 3D laser technology helps Surveyors accurately track these changes.

What Cause Deformations in Land?

Whether it’s excess rain, heavy winds, or even earthquakes, there are a number of natural causes which can contribute to the deformation of land. In addition, sometimes the way people use the land can cause it to change as well. Cutting down trees, irrigation, or even excavating can all cause deformation. When this occurs, it is important to be able to track the pace of the process in order to accurately anticipate any hazards it may present in the future.

How 3D Laser Scanning Can Track Deformation

3D laser scanning involves utilising reflective lasers to track the precise measurements of land. The accuracy of these measurements means that comparing different sets over time can provide information about  deformation. As land changes, it can pose certain hazards or require additional work before it can be built on. This type of technology is accurate and can detect even small changes in land, allowing trends to be observed and for corrective action to be planned out as needed.

Land deformation is a serious issue, and it requires accurate equipment in order to track. To work with a company that uses the latest in advanced 3D laser technology for deformation surveying, contact Geosurv!

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