Committed to our Clients, dedicated to quality, cost effective results.

Geosurv is one of the fastest growing privately-owned surveying firms on the east coast of Australia. Established in 2005, our business has been built on consistency of service, commitment to our clients and our people, and our growing desire for excellence in our profession.

Geosurv Locating provide a wide range of services to identify the existence and location of underground utilities. Combining a wealth of knowledge and experience our team utilise the methods of electromagnetic detection, ground penetrating radar, non-destructive excavation, concrete scanning, and CCTV to accurately detect and map underground utilities.

Geosurv Surveying provides geospatial information for the purpose of identifying the location of topographic land features and structures. With the use of a diverse range of surveying techniques, we offer services for construction, cadastral and civil infrastructure projects.

Geosurv 3Dscanning provide digital information of shapes, structures and landscapes to assist our clients with design and construction of their projects. We provide a full range of deliverables going from point cloud, traditional 2D and 3D survey plans, 3D models and BIM Models.

Our employees and Support Staff are experts in their field with in-depth local knowledge. We provide every client with a dedicated team consisting of surveyors, drafters, utility locators a project manager and support staff to ensure your project is delivered on time and to budget. When we work with you, we become a part of your team. One team, one goal.

Our headquarters are in Sydney, with branch offices in Newcastle, Wollongong, Canberra, Brisbane and the Gold Coast. Over time, our goal is to continue to grow our business and offer our services all across the east coast of Australia.

Indigenous commitment
Geosurv is committed to providing employment opportunities for Indigenous Australians and we believe that these Australians provide an opportunity to close the skills gap and skills shortage in the Surveying Industry. Our recruitment strategy explores various labour pools and invests in the recruitment and development of workers from non-traditional areas.

It is our mission to ensure the Indigenous Australians share in the success of our company.