5 Advantages of Using 3D Scanning in Brisbane

3d scanning in brisbane

Whether you’re renovating an existing structure or building from scratch, 3D scanning in Brisbane is one of the most accurate ways to get your design process started. In just one site visit, a 3D scanner can capture hundreds of millions of points in a single scan. This data can then be transformed into accurate, detailed 2D, 3D, Revit or CAD models.


So, from detailed land surveying to getting accurate models of existing structures, here’s 5 advantages of using 3D scanning for your plans.


Faster than other surveys

If you want to get the ball rolling on your projects quickly, 3D scanning should be your number one choice. Firstly, 3D scanning is three times faster than other survey methods. This is because a single scan captures hundreds of millions of reference points, so only one site visit is required. Once the scans are complete, the data is transferred to the point cloud for modelling. There’s less interruptions to your site, and you can start the design process quickly.


Higher level of detail

3D scanning in Brisbane offers a level of detail that simply isn’t possible through other survey methods. The scans are capturing quite literally millions and millions of reference points. When combined into the survey control, you’re able to produce a survey that captures absolutely everything you need to know about the area and structures you’re working with.


3D scanning in Brisbane captures everything

Some methods of surveying rely heavily on humans getting everything right. Qualified and experienced people are still needed for 3D scanning, but the process is much smoother. One scan can capture so much information, from topography and natural land features, to all the points of man-made structures. With 3D scanning, errors are eliminated and your modelling will encompass everything.


More cost-effective design process

Working with 3D scanning is cost effective for any project. Firstly, the process is so quick and accurate that only one site visit is required. But also, the level of accuracy eliminates the need for further scans to be done. Furthermore, thanks to the speed of 3D scanning, you can get your design process started quickly without delays.


High accuracy model production

The deliverables you receive from 3D scanning are second to none. Depending on your project, you’ll have different requirements, but 3D scans cater for them all. You can produce 2D plans and also 3D models, which can be much easier to interpret. You can also get a high accuracy, high quality 3D CAD model.


Find the best 3D scanning in Brisbane

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