3D Modelling of Existing Buildings for Renovation

3D Modelling of Existing Buildings for Renovation

3D modelling of existing buildings is a complete, fast and accurate way for recording surface data for documentation, historic preservation and renovation. It can also capture data from complex surfaces and inaccessible areas.

How 3D modelling works

The result is a point cloud which comes from millions (or billions) of points. These are gathered through laser scanning. These points reveal details including the texture of various surfaces. This is valuable when planning and collaborating. It’s also valuable in evaluating the condition of a certain area by engineers off site.

The laser scanning itself is fast and accurate. As a result, there’s rarely a need for a return visit. This means fewer site visits and faster surveys. Most of the work time is actually spent in processing and drafting the data (which can take a few hours). After processing, the point cloud can then be used to produce both 3D and 2D data for documentation and interpretation.

Applications of 3D modelling

Before finalising the design plans, engineers often need to study the existing conditions first. This is common in renovation, retrofitting and historic preservation. For example, the objective is to make a building more energy-efficient by performing a retrofitting and renovation. An accurate 3D model of the site will aid engineers in minimising the modifications and expenses.

Another example is in historic preservation (and its documentation). Engineers need information about the structural damages and the 3D model would help in visualising that. Once the preservation is finished, engineers also need the new 3D model for easy comparison and evaluation.

3D modelling of existing buildings for renovation and documentation

Compared to traditional survey methods, 3D laser scanning is faster and more accurate. Fewer site visits, complete data and accuracy are just some of its benefits.

If you need an accurate 3D model of your building (whether for renovation or documentation), contact us here today at Geosurv. We service Sydney, Canberra, Wollongong, Newcastle, Adelaide, Cronulla and Gold Coast.

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