3 Benefits of 3D Laser Scanning for Residential, Commercial and Government Projects

Many modern tools and methods now are in use when it comes to land and construction surveying. One of them is 3D laser scanning, which uses a laser to produce high-definition surveys.

For now, let’s explore a few of the benefits of 3D laser scanning for almost all types of construction projects:

1. Faster surveys and quicker results

3D scanning can be up to 3 times faster than the traditional survey methods. This means you can achieve faster turnaround times and quicker results.

In addition, faster surveys mean fewer site visits (and less time on the site). This means fewer interruptions to the client. He or she can instead focus on other aspects of the project. This is important in large-scale and huge projects. A bigger construction project can mean a lot of site visits. But with 3D laser scanning, it becomes more convenient because of fewer site visits required.

2. High accuracy and minimum errors

Accuracy and precision are often the priorities when it comes to any construction project (especially during the surveying and planning part). That’s why land and construction surveyors often visit the site a couple of times. This is to ensure the accuracy of each detail and assessment.

But with 3D laser scanning, one site visit is often enough to ensure accurate surveys and assessments. This is possible because the laser scanner measures hundreds of millions of data points. The result is a point cloud that provides an accurate representation of the site.

The data will then deliver full information of the site and project. Professionals can perform advanced analysis and visualisation even off site. The full detail also helps surveyors spot any errors quickly.

3. Easier to interpret 3D model

2D models are still useful. They provide useful information for the engineers and surveyors. However, 3D models can help them better interpret the site.

3D models unlock the potential of surveys and site assessments. The data available in 3D models can help surveyors and engineers make better judgements. During meetings and evaluations, 3D models will benefit both the technical and non-technical people because they can easily interpret the model.

3D laser scanning for construction projects

3D scanning has become useful for residential, government and commercial projects. The level of detail provides more useful information that helps in easy visualisation and advanced analysis.

That’s why we at GeoSurv perform high-definition surveying using 3D laser scanning. We know that clients now need more precise and accurate solutions for their construction projects. Contact us today if you need 3D scanning services.