Having worked closely with a number of Australia’s largest precast concrete panel companies since 2004. Our stringent precast procedures enable us to be a very efficient and cost effective solution

At Geosurv, we have extensive industry experience in precast concrete panel set out and erection, having worked closely with a number of Australia’s largest precast concrete panel companies.

We provide Clients with a cost effective erection process by delivering a faster and more efficient running project.

We can free up the Construction Coordinator’s time to focus on other facets of their role rather than spend unnecessary time setting out and managing precast panels.

Our specific services in relation to set out and erection of precast concrete panels include:

  • Cost effective panel and dowel location set out;
  • Cross checking of precast panel plans and on-site measurements;
  • Checking of slab rebate and strip footing RLs;
  • Set out and installation of ferrules prior to pouring of slab;
  • Set up of packers or shims for erection crew;
  • Checking of cast in or in situ placed dowels; and
  • Monitoring of verticality of panels on multi storey high-rise buildings.

Our in-house dedicated team of drafters and highly skilled surveyors will ensure that your design will swiftly and accurately find its way onto your work site, get erected and surveyed on an on-going basis followed by as-constructed data being presented back to you in almost any format you require.

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