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Renovating an Old House Where to Start?

by Michael Croft on January 16, 2018 in Blog

Renovating an old house where to start? Do you need 3D scanning and/or land surveying before starting the project. Read on to find out the answers. First, it’s about[…]

Apartment Building Surveys for Renovation & Construction

by superadmin on December 11, 2017 in Blog

Whether it’s for renovation or new construction, apartment building surveys are important for safety, cost saving, evaluation and compliance. For example, it’s essential to perform an accurate and comprehensive[…]

Perimeter Survey and Detailing: Here’s What You Should Know

by nicola on December 5, 2017 in Blog

Perimeter survey and detailing is about mapping and determining the geometry of a property. It’s a direct and reliable way of determining if there’s an encroachment. Surveyors might use[…]

How to Settle Property Line Disputes the Right Way

by nicola on November 29, 2017 in Blog

How to settle property line disputes? It’s a common issue whether it’s a residential, commercial or government project. These kinds of disputes commonly arise when there’s an expansion or[…]

3D Modelling of Existing Buildings for Renovation

by superadmin on November 20, 2017 in Blog

3D modelling of existing buildings is a complete, fast and accurate way for recording surface data for documentation, historic preservation and renovation. It can also capture data from complex[…]

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